Policy Briefs

Corruption in Arunachal Pradesh

The phenomenon of corruption is not unique to the Northeast; the whole country is afflicted by this evil. But the scale of corruption touches new heights in this region. Large-scale extortion by the insurgents and unimaginable levels of corruption has vitiated the environment for development.  Things are much worse in the interiors. Corruption has several dimensions and can be said that corruption is one of the root causes for the lack of development in most part of the region .

Comparision between Mukhyamantri Annapurna Yojna & Food Security Bill

This brief draws comparisons between the Mukhyamantri Annapurna Yojna & Food Security Bill. The comparative ananlysis is based on the eligibility criteria for availing the schemes, coverage, allotment, provisions for women and children and its impact on women empowerment. For details Comparision between Annapurna Yojana & Food Security Bill  

Coal Brief

Many of them live here, in the crowded northern states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar on the plains of the Ganges River. Lack of electricity is the perhaps the most obvious symbol of the inequality that still cripples this country and of the governance failure that is holding back its ambitions to be an economic powerhouse.

Budget Brief

The prime political commitment of Union Budget  2013-14 is to make  development economically and ecologically sustainable and democratically legitimate. ? It aims at  ‘higher growth leading to inclusive and sustainable development’ . ? In this context, it lays emphasis on inclusive development by striving to improve human development  indicators for weaker section like women, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes,  other minorities and backward classes. ? Target to roll out flagship programme like Direct Benefit Transfers by year end. ?


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