Policy Watch Newsletter

Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-5 (8 Sept., 2014); Cover Story-National Youth Policy – 2014: Opportunities and Challenges PDF icon PW-Vol-3.5.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-4 (1 Sept., 2014); Cover Story-More Inclusive Growth: Time to focus on Children PDF icon PW-Vol-3.4.pdf
Policy Watch-75th Issue (25 August, 2014) PDF icon PW Issue- 75.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-2 (19 Aug., 2014); Cover Story-A Reviewed Methodology for Measurement of Poverty PDF icon PW-Vol-3.2.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-1 (11 Aug. 2014); Cover Story-Financing Health Outcomes in India PDF icon PW-Vol-3.1.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-46 (14 July, 2014); Cover Story- (Open Defecation: Trends and Policy Response) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.46.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-45 (7 July, 2014); Cover Story: (The need to replace half-a-century- old Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.45.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-44 (30 June, 2012) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.44.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-43 (23 June, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.43.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-42 (16 June, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.42.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-41 (9 June, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.41.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-40 (2 June, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.40.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-39 (26 May, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.39.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-38 (19 May, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.38.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-37 (12 May, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.37.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-36 (5 May, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.36.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-35 (28 April, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.35.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-34 (21 April, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.34.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-33 (14 April, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.33.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-II, Issue-32 (31 March, 2014) PDF icon PW-Vol-2.32.pdf