Policy Watch Newsletter

Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-25 (27 Jan. 2015) Cover Story-At the margins…….the life of Musahars PDF icon PW-3.25.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-24 (19 Jan. 2015) Cover Story- Status of Children’s Schooling in Rural India: Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2014 PDF icon PW-3.24.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-23 (12 Jan. 2015) Cover Story- A Greater Threat to Gandhian Nationalism PDF icon PW-3.23 .pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-22 (5 Jan. 2015) Cover Story- Impact of MGNREGA on Women PDF icon PW-3.22.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-21 (29 Dec., 2014) Cover Story-Situation Assessment Survey of Agricultural Households in India) PDF icon PW-3.21.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-20 (22 Dec., 2014) Cover Story-Global Slavery Index Report 2014 PDF icon PW-3.20.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-19 (15 Dec., 2014) Cover Story- Deconstructing Racism and Regionalism in India PDF icon PW-3.19.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-18 (8 Dec., 2014) Cover Story-• 2014 Global Competitiveness Index: Case of India PDF icon PW-3.18.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-17 (1 Dec., 2014) Cover Story-PTGs in India: Socio-Economic Status of Sahariyas PDF icon PW-3.17.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-16 (24 Nov., 2014) Cover Story- Women’s Autonomy and Demography: Women who pay the price for population control PDF icon PW-3.16.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-15 (17 Nov. 2014), Cover Story-Ease of Doing Business in India PDF icon PW-3.15.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-14 (10 Nov., 2014) Cover Story-Concentration of Neonatal Deaths and Role of Community Newborn Care Practices PDF icon PW-Vol-3.14.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-13 (3 November, 2014), Cover Story- (Creating Social Change to End Manual Scavenging) PDF icon PW-Vol-3.13.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-12 (27 Oct. 2014); Cover Story-2014 Global Hunger Index: Case of India PDF icon PW-Vol-3.12.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-11 (20 Oct. 2014); Cover Story-Swachh Bharat Mission: A Misdirected Mission for Clean India PDF icon PW-Vol-3.11.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-10 (13 October, 2014), Cover Story-Surrogacy and Policy in India PDF icon PW-Vol-3.10.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-9 (7 October, 2014), Cover Story-Human Development and Vulnerability: Overview of India PDF icon PW-Vol-3.9.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-8 (29 Sept. 2014), Cover Story- Decline in Female Labour Force: A Worrying Situation PDF icon PW-Vol-3.8.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-7 (22 Sept. 2014), Cover Story-Regularizing Sex Work in India PDF icon PW-Vol-3.7.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-6 (15 Sept., 2014); Cover Story-India’s Merchandise Exports & Imports: An Overview of Trends & Policy Issues PDF icon PW-Vol-3.6.pdf