Policy Watch Newsletter

Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-45 (15 June, 2015), Cover Story - Agriculture: Understanding Current Scenario PDF icon PW-3.45 updated.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-44 (8 June, 2015), Cover Story - Bihar Report Card PDF icon PW-3.44.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue- 43 (1 June, 2015), Cover Story - Of Lies, Deceit and Coercion: Trafficking for Forced Labour PDF icon PW-3.43.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-42 (25 May, 2015), Cover Story - Smart Cities PDF icon PW-3.42.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-41 (19 May, 2015), Cover Story - Status of World’s Mothers: Mother’s Index 2015 PDF icon PW-3. 41.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-40 (11 May, 2015) Cover Story - Putting Children at Risk: Juvenile Justice Bill, 2014 PDF icon PW-3.40.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-39 (4 May, 2015), Cover Story - Human Trafficking in India PDF icon PW-3.39.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-38 (27 April, 2015), Cover Story - Air Pollution and Its Impact PDF icon PW-3.38.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-37 (20 April, 2015) Cover Story - Deciphering Net Neutrality: Understanding Implications in India PDF icon PW-3.37.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-36 (13 April, 2015), Cover Story - Fourteenth Finance Commission: An Overview PDF icon PW-3.36.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-35 (6 April, 2015), Cover Story - Religious Demography in India: Myth and Facts PDF icon PW-3.35.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-34 (30 March, 2015), Cover Story - The Future of Democracy: Electoral Reforms PDF icon PW-3.34.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-33 (23 March, 2015), Cover Story - Niti Ayog PDF icon PW-3.33.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-32 (16 March, 2015), Cover Story - Draft National Health Policy 2015: No Policy Compass PDF icon PW-3.32.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-31 (09 March, 2015), Cover Story - Union Budget 2015-16 Analysis PDF icon PW-3.31.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-30 (02 March, 2015), Cover Story-Tribal Children: An Insecure and Uncertain Childhood PDF icon PW-3.30.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-29 (23 Feb. 2015) - Cover Story - Indian economic scenario: A pre-budget 2015-16 analysis PDF icon PW-3.29.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-28 (100th Issue) (16 Feb. 2015) PDF icon PW-3.28_(100_Issue).pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-27 (09 Feb. 2015) Cover Story - Development that Ignores Environment and the Marginalised PDF icon PW-3.27.pdf
Policy Watch-Vol-III, Issue-26 (02 Feb. 2015) Cover Story-• Between Growth and Inclusion: Consequences of Land Acquisition in India PDF icon PW-3.26.pdf