The New Economy Labour

The New Economy Labour Technology and convenience have come together to create a new marketplace which has created a whole new dynamic between buyers and sellers and has transcended the old demand and supply equation. The new age ecommerce business models of sale are run on the basis of competitive marketing strategies undertaken by ‘aggregators’. By exploiting the convenience of technology available to almost everyone via smart phones, the ‘aggregation’ based business model is able to fill in the gap of supply of services to the consumers.An ‘aggregator’ is defined as a person/entity that owns and manages a web based software application (app) and through the help of an app is able to connect people who provide certain kinds of services to the people who are in need of that service.i Proponents of service disbursement modelled on aggregation policies have entered into our everyday life in the form of easy cab rides through Uber, Ola; convenient shopping through Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Groffers; renting hotel rooms through Oyo; curated restaurants by Zomato, Foodpanda and many more. All of these companies provide a platform to individual service providers in order to connect with the consumer thereby improving their accessibility and have given rise to a new kind of ‘platform economy’.