February 22-23, 2013 Conference on Research Project- Internal Migration in Contemporary Studies

As migration becomes more dynamic and complex, it requires a new set of policies which can better represent and protect the migrant population so that they can contribute something in return. There is a need for a more coherent migration policy which can be beneficial to trade, labour market and development matters. National norms and regulations need to be created along with an institutional framework for a better social dialogue and a conducive environment for economic migrants.


Given RGICS’s vision which stresses on the values of justice, equality of status, equal opportunity and welfare of mankind, this research project aimed at upholding these values while examining this issue. Also given RGICS’s focal interest in the meta journey of India, the main objective of the research project was to focus on identifying and eliminating the barriers to voluntary migration and causes of involuntary migration and draft a national policy framework on migration after examining all the relevant issues and challenges relating to migration.


Areas covered under the Research Project:-
1. A broad overview - the All-India and state variations, migration and economic development, migration and urbanisation

2. Issues:-
- Migration and Social transformation - Migration and Agriculture - Migration and Identity - Migration and Gender

3) Policies: - Under this, the current economic rights of the migrants, social protection policies, inter-state migrants act have been looked into.