Policy Research Service

Research Assistance to Legislators

India is the world’s largest democracy, but it needs to go a long way to ensure that the policies are made democratically by the people and for the benefit of all its citizens without any bias and control of the few. Political representatives are the crucial interface between the people and Government. RGICS offers  “POLICY RESEARCH SERVICE” to political leaders with the intention of providing them access to high-quality independent, non-partisan research assistance on policy issues arising in legislative work. This service is delivered through selected and trained RAJIV GANDHI RESEARCH ASSISTANTS TO LEGISLATORS (RG- RALs) who are meticulously trained in public policy research. RG-RALs work under the supervision of subject specialists in RGICS.

The objective of this service is to enhance the policy capacity of political leaders and their role in public policy decision making.

Services offered to legislators include:

  • Briefing political leaders on issues of political significance and social change

  • Preparing parliamentary questions, speeches and draft bills

  • Delivering training programmes for potential “change agents” -- political representatives, bureaucrats, academia and students, media, etc.

  • Organizing conferences, seminars, other knowledge events

How are these services processed?

  • Any Congress MP / political leader may request RGICS for research support by emailing/ contacting RGICS. The request should clarify (i) the type of assistance needed; (ii) brief background and context in which the assistance is required; (iii) date on which requested material would need to be made available.
  • Each request is referred to a concerned Team Coordinator, depending on the subject matter.
  • Concerned Cluster Coordinator assigns the request to a RAL/ RALs.
  • The RAL visits/contacts the MP and, as needed, seeks clarity on the request. RALs may seek appointment with MP if required.
  • RALs carry out research under the supervision of RGICS Fellows and subject matter experts.
  • RALs prepare the knowledge product; clear it with the concerned RGICS Fellow and subject matter expert.
  • After such approval, the knowledge product is delivered to the concerned MP.